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Welcome to www.PenaltyChargeNotice.co.uk

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Our site is the most up to date in the country with all the latest information. For example Kingston Council's pcn's have been ruled invalid recently as the wording does not comply with the law. Many councils have used incorrect wording. We show you the wording which must be used.

We now have a comprehensive section on private parking tickets where over 2 million are issued every year. In the last month two motorists assisted by us have had their tickets cancelled at adjudication as the amount of the charge was excessive. Under contract law the penalty charge can only represent the loss incurred by the land owner and must not include an element of penalty. We believe that the vast majority of private parking tickets could include an element of penalty. See our private land enforcement section for full details.

For full access to the site we charge a small fee of £4.99 for a month. This is a fraction of the amount you could save. Over 25,000 motorists a month now use our website. See some of the testimonials below.


Great news! My has been dismissed. Thank you so much for your advice and hard work

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Hackney Council accused of breaching government guidance on issuing parking tickets through CCTV 

The loading bay in Hoxton Street which is being monitored by CCTV

Above: The loading bay in Hoxton Street which is being monitored by CCTV ©Archant Community Media Ltd.

Hackney Council stands accused of breaching government guidance by not making motorists aware it is using CCTV to gather incriminating evidence before issuing PCNs (penalty charge notices). Also Poole council recently lost at adjudication on exactly the same point.

Read the full story.


14th November

Westminster City council agrees to refund up to £278,000 to motorists ticketed when the signage in 3 bays  clearly said they could park for free.

This is a great success for us as we have pursued the council for several months. They would not have agreed to this without our intervention. The bays in question are located in the West End and are pay by phone in the day and switch to taxi ranks at night.

If you would like to apply for a refund from Westminster then go to www.westminster.gov.uk/parking

The council has agreed to refund due to our campaign. If you would like to support the work which we do then please join. Members also receive constantly updated advice on how to have a pcn cancelled.

Read the full story.


BREAKING NEWS: Select Committee accepts our recommendations for parking reforms (and will be advising Government)

On 22nd October the Transport Select Committee published its findings into Local Authority Parking Enforcement. 
We campaigned strongly for a change in the law to stop local authorities using motorists as cash cows.

We submitted a 20 page report with over 100 pages of supporting evidence to the committee and we are delighted to see that they have referred to our evidence and made recommendations to Government as a result.

For example:

1.) They referred to our evidence that parking fines in London are substantially more than fines for speeding or shoplifting. They recommend that the Government introduces a "freeze" on parking fines


2.) We argued strongly for a 5 minute grace period at paid for parking bays. - they have recommended that a 5 minute grace period be introduced.

3.) We expressed concerns that, despite Westminster council's assurance to the contuary, that Bay Sensors will be used for parking enforcement. The committee found that in Perth there was a 750% increase in parking fines when they introduced Bay Sensors. They say "There is a risk that the introduction of parking bay sensors could discourage local authorities from taking a common sense approach to parking enforcement". 

4.) We told the committee that the loss of the 50% discount discourages motorists from appealing even when they know they did nothing wrong. The committee have suggested that if a motorist appeals all the way to adjudication and loses that they are given a 25% discount if they pay within 7 days. This is really good news as it will reduce the disincentive for a motorist to appeal.

You can read the full comimitte report here.

URGENT - Government consultation. Following the select committee report the Government is now consulting on changes to the law to make parking enforcement fairer. This is your opportunity to have your say before the end of January 2014

The link to the consultation is here       https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/local-authority-parking

The Government proposals on which the public's comments are invited include:-

Banning the use of CCTV for parking enforcement (we think it should also be banned for moving traffic contraventions as well.

Introducing a 25% discount to motorists who lose at adjudication. (This should stop councils using the loss of a discount to push motorists into paying)

Giving adjudicators powers tp allow appeals if a council has departed from Givernment guidance.

Giving more powers to residents and businesses to stop parking policies that work against them.

We urge you to take part.

We appreciate your support in helping us to continue to fight for the end of this revenue orientated abuse of power. We have helped literally thousands of motorists to have their penalty charge notices cancelled. Join today and receive access to the entire site. If there is a way that you can have your penalty charge notice cancelled it is probably on our site. We constantly add the latest important adjudicator's decisions. We are not against parking enforcement which is essential but we do think that many of the parking tickets issued today, often for silly minor transgressions of the rules and sometimes illegally, are often more to do with raising revenue than traffic management. Our site will help you fight back when you feel you have been dealt an injustice.Simply insert your contravention code number at the top of the page.

Please support us by becoming a member if you can.


We're opening up some of our exlulsive members only pages to our fans for FREE!

Simply give us a like on Facebook to see what's currently free! And don't forget to check back as we're frequently updating.

Top ten councils with the largest parking-charge surpluses last year(before capital charges).

1 Westminster £41.6 million
2 Kensington & Chelsea £28.1 million
3 Camden £25.0 million
4 Hammersmith and Fulham £19.5 million
5 Wandsworth £16.1 million
6 Brighton and Hove £14.4 million
7 Islington £10.9 million
8 Cornwall £7.9 million
9 Newham £7.3 million
10 Hounslow £7.3 million

Source: RAC Foundation

May 2013 : PenaltyChargeNotice.co.uk was recently featured on BBC Watchdog.

The team investigated the rise of council parking fines, and claims of illegal tickets. Watch the Parking Ticket BBC Watchdog feature.


Parking tickets, yellow lines, signs

We are the most comprehensive and up-to-date site in the country dedicated to helping the motorist fight unfair and sometimes illegally issued penalty charge notices and parking tickets. We deal with all of England and Wales and cover both council issued and privately issued tickets.

We cover parking tickets, bus lane tickets, congestion charge tickets and moving traffic tickets such as yellow boxes and prohibited turns.Around 20,000 new motorists every month use our website to assist with appealing their penalty charge notices.The site is very easy to navigate and contains photos, summarised adjudicator's decisions, diagrams and information on sprecific contraventions (offences) alleged to have been committed to assist a motorist in appealling.

We are certainly not against parking enforcement which is essential but we are against local authorities enforcing with poor signage, enforcing minor transgressions and overzealous and sometimes illegal enforcement. We also think that with a council gets it wrong then they should refund.


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TIP: You usually have NOTHING TO LOSE  by sending in an initial appeal if you think you have been unfairly ticketed as every council that we have contacted will give you another 14 days to pay at the reduced rate even if they reject your appeal.

TIP: Never stop on zig zag lines, thick yellow lines at bus stops or double red lines on red routes. There are literally thousands of cameras aimed at these areas. Councils will not even allow you 5 seconds. You can stop to drop off a passenger on single and double yellow lines of which there are usually plenty.

TIP: Be very careful about stopping at cash points as even if you don't see a civil enforcement officer the chances are that a camera will be trained on you. Cash points provide rich pickings for cash strapped local authorities.

TIP: Be careful about parking on speed tables. Councils like Newham in London have started enforcing parking on speed tables as they say they are actualy the carriageway raised to meet the level of the pavement so people can cross the road. A speed table is like a road hump but at the top it has a flat area.STOP PRESS 1st June. We assisted a lady on this and she has just won her case at adjudication. Details on our page under contravention code 28.


 30/05/2012: Watch us on bbc.co.uk/news

Watch us on bbc.co.uk/news


A proud council employee with CCTV car

A proud council employee. Many of these vehicles have been found to be issuing tickets illegally.


For all the latest news see our news section. latest stories


A motorist in London has won an appeal against Westminster City Council, the country's biggest enforcer of parking restrictions. He had parked in a disabled bay but said he didn't actually receive a parking ticket. The adjudicator did not believe him and said his account of what happend wasn't credible. Westminster council said that they affixed the penalty charge notice to his window. So why did the motorist win?

His vehicle was a motorbike with no windows! Westminster council was even less credible!


Received a Penalty Charge Notice? We Can Help

Simply search for your contravention code in the box above for instant help on why you have received a penalty charge notice and how to have it cancelled.

The contravention code is usually next to the decription of the contravention (offence).i.e.contravention code 01 "parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours" or contravention code 50 "failing to comply with a sign indicating a prohibited turn".

If your penalty charge notice does not have a code then click on the button "select a description from the list" at the top of the page and select the contravention (offence) that matches that on your penalty charge notice.

Much of the information on our site is FREE but for around the cost of an hour's parking in central London you will have full access to the entire site. The information is clearly set out and very easy to navigate. We will show you the rules that enforcing authorities should also follow and many grounds upon which you could have your penalty charge notice cancelled.. The information is set out for each offence (contravention) so just choose the contravention that you have received a penalty charge notice for and follow the simple 3 stage process. If there is a way to have your parking ticket or penalty charge notice cancelled it is probably on our site. We constantly update the site with the latest adjudicator's decisions and a tremendous amount of other information that we are constantly fed. Members can also use our email helpline if they have a specific question. Also you will be helping us in our relentless campaign to have this totally unfair system changed.(see about us and what we do in the left hand menu for more information) Support us and join today!




Dec 13 

Hi Paul
I just thought I'd let you know,  Richmond Borough Council has said that they will not contest my appeal to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.  The hearing has been canceled and I don't have to pay a fine!
Thanks a lot for your help!


Oct 13

Love the site you saved me a bus lane fine which I guess means I got my moneys worth. :-)

27 Sept 13 LB

Hi Paul & team,
you've been good enough to advise me in the past and unfortunately that time has come again!
I got nabbed by a new lamppost CCTV cam opposite my local tube station (Blackhorse Road) whilst dropping
my elderly Mum off at the tube with her heavy luggage.

Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know that since becoming a member of this site, have used the wealth of information to appeal against
2 separate parking ticket, both were upheld and cancelled saving me the full amounts of £130 x  2 = £260 when I only paid £7.99 for a years subscription to you !!!
Brilliant value and sooooo recommended to everyone
Firstly a great website full of fantastic information that I have acted on which, has helped me get an appeal upheld recently. A big thank you  JS
Thank you for a fantastic site, I have already passed on details to my friends. ST 15/5/13 
That is fantastic, and service beyond the call of duty.  AC 
Thank you so much for your kind advice!  Amazing what a formal letter of complaint to the CE’s office can achieve.  Please find attached their response for your info.  They’ve agreed to refund the PCN. I will be spreading the word about your website to all my friends and family.  It’s an absolute godsend and I can’t thank you enough. SD
Good to have your site available and will certainly use again in future. AB 
If I said I love you and your website that would not go far enough. 
thanks for your rapid reply, and the brilliant work with your website! 
just to let you know I won my appeal. RS 
I have been in touch with Popla and attach copy of their decision.  As  you will see the Assessor has asked for the parking charge to be cancelled.  Many thanks for all you help and support and with getting through this.  Keep up the good work you and your organisation are doing, it is surely needed. JS

Check out more genuine tesimonials in our testimonials section


Hi Paul

I just thought I'd let you know,  Richmond Borough Council has said that they will not contest my appeal to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.  The hearing has been canceled and I don't have to pay a fine!
Thanks a lot for your help!




For details of the latest stories go to our news section.

For further details on what we do and also what is going on see the about us section.

We have evidence of unfair and often illegal enforcement by enforcement authorities. We have had some successes along the way. We are often on BBC news, Radio 5, 3 counties and are often in the local and national press highlighting arrears where enforcement is being carried out unfairly and sometimes illegally. Many motorists believe that we are in a police state with hidden cameras or traffic wardens hiding around corners just waiting to catch a minor transgression of the rules by a motorist in the name of revenue.

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