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PenaltyChargeNotice.co.uk has taken years to develop and runs to around 150 pages. We currently have around 25,000 visitors every month many of whom have received a penalty charge notice either for a parking or what is now called a moving traffic contravention (no right turn, motor vehicles prohibited etc) and want to have it cancelled. We have spent a great deal of time and expense in trying to ensure that all the information which may assist a motorist to successfully appeal a specific ticket is available to them.

We have created a separate section (within each type of offence) for each contravention. There are over 50 contraventions and each one has a code and a description. e.g. code 01 - parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. You can also search the entire contravention code database using the 'Received a PCN' tool located at the top of each page.

Quite often there is no code on a penalty charge notice so at the top of every page on our website there is a contravention code box and a contravention finder box where all the contraventions are listed in alphabetical order. You can either obtain information this way or use the menu at the top - for example click moving traffic offences to see a sub-menu and follow it through.


There is a very simple 3 stage process for each contravention which is clearly set out so you don't miss anything.

Firstly you will find the specific grounds of appeal for the contravention for which you have received a penalty charge notice.This will usually include diagrams or pictures and details of all the latest adjudication cases where the motorist has won.

Secondly you will need to check the general grounds of appeal for the type of penalty charge notice that you have received i.e. Parking, Moving Traffic Bus Lane or Congestion Charge. This general section covers the validity of the penalty charge notice, time scales, mitigation and latest decisions which effect various types of penalty charge notices.

Thirdly we have summarised important adjudicators decisions where the motorist has won.


A substantial amount of the information on this site is free although in order to help recoup some of our costs we make a small charge for certain information.

This is just £4.95 for a month unlimited access or £9.95 for a whole year. Our site is regularly updated with all the latest information and news. All contributions also help us fund our ongoing campaign on behalf of motorists to have this horrid and unfair system changed.

Support us and join today - you won't believe what we see.

We believe our campaign is having an effect. We meet at the house of Lords every month with an action group which has some very prominent members. We also meet the councillors in charge of councils and the new Transport secretary has asked us for some suggestions which the new government can consider. For more information about what we are doing to help the motorist see our section about us.

Our site is a available on a self help basis and we do not currently offer a comprehensive appeals service aithough we're reviewing the option of adding this service. We also provide hint's and tips via Facebook and Twitter feeds.


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