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For around the cost of an hour's parking in central London the information on our web site may well result in your penalty charge notice being cancelled.

15,000 visitors a month use our web site and check out the testimonials page for some of the successes that they have had. Our site has taken 5 years to complete and is extremely easy to use. You just choose the contravention (offence) as shown on your penalty charge notice from the list at the top of every page. Then follow the 3 stage process. You can try it for free as a lot of the information is free. However there are loads more ways to have your penalty charge notice cancelled and we make a small charge to help us recoup the costs of setting up the website and to continue to fund our campaign against this disgraceful system.
Our site is constantly updated with the latest adjudicators decisions and flaws that we discover in local authorities enforcement. In the last couple of weeks alone we have discovered that tens of thousands of penalty charge notices for no right turn and no motor vehicle offences (and up to 8 more offences) are invalid as quite simply the department of transport never authorised the signs for enforcement.
Kingston and Merton councils have been caught issuing bus lane tickets with the wording "we will serve an enforcement notice" rather than "we may serve an enforcement notice" The tickets are probably unenforceable.
Also in Kingston they have been caught enforcing a bus lane with illegal markings despite the fact that the Department of Transport told them that the markings were illegal. Kingston neglected to mention this when they wrote to a motorist who had visited our site. With our guidance he obtained this astonishing letter from the department of transport.
Elmbridge council have been caught making a surcharge for payments of fines by credit cards. Unfortunately for them since several cases in Camden in London before the adjudicator this invalidates the penalty charge notice as it makes the total amount payable more than is allowed by law!

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