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Harrow Cancels Penalty Charge Notices

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Harrow cancels penalty charge notices as they are ruled unenforceable by an adjudicator. But they refuse to refund motorists who have already paid!

An adjudicator has ruled that penalty charge notices issued by Harrow council are illegal because as part of the section dealing with the motorists right to appeal they do not state that the motorist can use “compelling reasons” as a basis for appeal. We believe that Penalty charge notices issued by other councils such as Westminster also have this flaw. If you have received a penalty charge notice (PCN) which does not have the words “compelling reasons” then you may also wish to appeal.

It is all very well for councils to issue millions of tickets for minor transgressions of their often confusing rules but they should also get it right with the statutory required wording.


Click here for link to relevant page on Harrow councils website (External link)

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