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Yellow Lines on Bany Holidays

WARNING as you will see from the above picture taken on Good Friday some councils such as Kensington and Chelsea enforce single yellow lines on bank holidays even though they don't tell you. This is a great way for them to rake in a fortune.


If you have received a parking ticket and need help please click "received a parking ticket" in the left hand menu at the top for assistance. If your ticket was issued whilst parked on private land we have a whole section on private land enforcement accessed from the top menu.

In the days of the old traffic warden if you parked illegally the probability was that you would not get caught. However with the advent of “decriminalised parking enforcement” carried out by local councils, the likelihood of being caught is much greater. This started in London in 1994 and is now being introduced in towns and cities throughout the land. And worse still local authorities are now using CCTV, ANPR and even bay sensors as their latest weapon against motorists.

It is essential that Motorists understand parking regulations and especially what a local authority is required to do with their procedures, signage, lineage, compliance with government guidance etc. Quite often errors made by local aothorities mean that parking tickets are unenforceable.

In the year to 31st March 2013,  almost five million  penalty charge notices (parking tickets) were issued in London alone for parking, bus lane and moving traffic contraventions. A similar number is issued outside London.

However many hundreds of thousands of tickets are cancelled each year either by the councils themselves or the parking adjudicator.

In fact in a very high percentage of cases, at adjudication councils do not even bother to defend the case which we think is disgraceful. And where they do defend the motorists win in more than 50% of cases in the areas where we have checked. The City of London Corporation lost 98% of all appeals to the independant adjudicator in the years ending 2011 and 2012.

The use of parking and moving traffic enforcement for revenue raising is illegal but some councils place enormous pressure on their parking attendants to issue tickets. Councils subcontract out their parking enforcement to companies like NCP and APCOA. These are companies who are in business to make money. Some of them give rewards such as Argos points for the most productive wardens.

This website is our opportunity to help motorists “fight back”.

Much of the content of the website is free of charge but as you can imagine it has taken many months to set up and it has cost many thousands of pounds. If you would like to contribute to our ongoing efforts in fighting for the motorist or show your gratitude for us helping to have your penalty charge notice cancelled then please join today. By joining and supporting us you will unlock further information to help you fight you penalty charge notice and you will also be contributing to our continuing efforts through campaigning and lobbying to have the current system overhauled.You will also have access to our email helpline if you have a specific question. We cover the whole of England and Wales.

The current system is an absolute disgrace and we are working relentlessly to have it changed. Every month we expose wrongdoing by councils in the media in the hope that the government will do something about it. See our news section.

A few years ago there was a detailed report prepared on parking enforcement in London after extensive fact finding and meetings. Lynne Featherstone was the Chair and the opening two paragraphs of her introduction are as follows.

“There is nothing like coming back to your car and finding an “unfair” parking ticket not to raise not only our blood pressure but also our innate sense of fair play but “what is fair?”.

In a city which has too many cars to move around or park without associated rules, we expect restrictions or penalties so long as their purpose is to alleviate traffic problems and not to raise revenue. Other extracts from their report are as follows.

“There is undoubtedly for many Londoners a suspicion that the nature of parking enforcement contracts, the number of tickets being issued as well as the instances of improperly issued tickets – whatever the magnitude – represent parking enforcement being used as revenue raising.”

The report also says, “Some members of the public now believe that the distinction between the need for maintaining safe traffic flow and regulating parking space has become blurred. Many view parking enforcement as an invisible tax.”

Interestingly enough despite the current climate the report confirms “Indeed there is evidence that many people will give up, having had their representations rejected when in fact they have well founded grounds for contesting liability”. We say this is because the threat of the loosing of a 50% discount discourages motorists to pay up even when they know they should not have been issued with a PCN.

Finally the Chief Parking Adjudicator, Martin Wood was recently quoted as saying “There is nothing to gain from a situation which allows the state to impose a penalty on a citizen without the citizen being fully aware of the reasons for that penalty and having confidence that the fine is being imposed fairly, efficiently and effectively”.



Fact:  Did you know that you usually have nothing to lose by writing into a local authority as soon as you receive a penalty charge notice (PCN). Nearly all local authorities will accept informal representations (also known as challenges) and hold the discount until 14 days after they reply to your letter. This is not part of the formal appeals process. Many penalty charge notices do not state this. (this does not necessarily always apply to CCTV issued parking fines).

Fact: Around 5 million Penalty Charge Notices (PCNS) issued in London alone during the Year ending 2012 and an increasing number being issued by more and more local authorities across the country.

Fact: The number of PCNs issued nationwide has increased substantially every year as more and more local authorities take over decriminalised parking and moving traffic enforcement.

Fact:  Some parking attendants and parking contractors receive financial incentives based on the number of tickets issued or are set quotas with severe financial penalties if they do not meet them. This practice is now being discouraged but parking attendants that we speak to tell us about the pressure that they are under.

Fact:  Only around 1% of motorists issued with a PCN actually appeal to the Adjudicator! However around 60% of all appeals to the Adjudicator are successful. Fact:  Around 20% of all PCNs issued by London boroughs are cancelled by them upon representation. That’s over one million PCN’s in London alone and many more nationwide.

Fact:  Many motorists simply pay because they do not know on what grounds they could actually appeal or worse still they just can’t be bothered. On this site you will find details of pretty much every known way to have your PCN cancelled.

Fact:  Some PCNs are issued fraudulently, thousands are issued for silly technical breaches of regulations and thousands to motorists confused by poor or non existent signage or lines. Westminster council has continued to issue hundreds of thousands of parking tickets on their yellow lines after it was brought to their attention that they were unenforceable.


1.  Constantly updated information on all parking and moving traffic contraventions nationwide on an easy to navigate site of extensive pages.

2.  Information on how and on what basis to appeal if you have been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice, a clamp or if your vehicle has been towed away. From our extensive experience of over twelve years of continued correspondence and lobbying of local authorities, the Department of Transport, Transport for London, the Royal Parks etc. We will tell you the rules and regulations and some little known ways of having your PCN cancelled.

3.  Help line via email.

4.  Downloadable material and photographs which may assist you with an appeal.

5.  The site is regularly updated with news/stories.

6.  We will tell you about some tactics used by unscrupulous parking wardens to fraudulently issue tickets.

7.  An informative and popular Questions and Answers section.

8.) Latest adjudicators decisions


A few of our successes

Some of our successes include assisting motorists when we pointed out to the London Evening Standard that Westminster council were issuing tickets on New Year’s Day a few years ago to thousands of motorists. Westminster said that New Year’s Day was not a public holiday because it happened to be a Saturday! We pointed out that their own Leisure Centres and Libraries were closed on New Year’s Day  “because it was a public holiday”! Westminster then agreed to cancel 3,750 PCNs and to refund parking charges, tow away and clamping fees.

Another one of our successes is the unacceptable situation around Lord’s Cricket Ground where when matches were being played discreet little road side signs would pop open on a Sunday. Many of the signs were illegible and were facing the wrong direction and subsequently hundreds of motorists have been ticketed. Again Westminster council were unrepentant so we lobbied the Marylebone Cricket Club and the Metropolitan Police who advised Westminster that they no longer wished them to continue to enforce single yellow lines around Lords when matches were being played. Despite this they continued to enforce single yellow lines for 2 weeks in July 2005. Thanks to efforts by us they agreed to contact motorists and refund them. In late 2007 the signage on the single yellow lines was removed and they are now no longer enforced on weekends.

We are currently pursuing Camden council about their continued enforcement of illegally marked bus lanes and yellow box junctions. We have even made a complaint to the metropolitan police about this.

Thanks solely to us Westminster Council stopped using moped based PA’s for parking enforcement in the daytime from April 2008.

By contributing you will allow us to continue to lobby on behalf of motorists at a time when the use of more and more camera enforcement is resulting in even more PCNs being issued for parking and moving traffic offences.




We cover the whole of England and Wales but many of our stories concern Westminster Council in London. This is simply because they are the most ruthless enforcers, they issue more tickets than any other council and they are often the first to try out new technology.

Westminster council are enforcing dropped kerbs since February 2009. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this in principle Westminster have decided not to install double yellow lines at dropped kerbs that currently have single yellow lines. So a single yellow line allows motorists to park after 6.30 and all day on Sundays and yet when you do so you receive a ticket for a different offence. We say this is entrapment.

We believe that Westminster council continued to issue penalty charge notices on single yellow lines in a zone which was ruled unlawful and unenforceable by an adjudicator in November 08. We believe this is illegal and have made a complaint to the local government ombudsman.

Westminster council are using CCTV enforcement for parking offences which is against statutory guidance issued to all local authorities in March 2008. Furthermore they initially didn’t even install any signs warning motorists which was illegal. Now in January 2009 they finally installed signs that are illegible and do not comply with the minimum sizes set down for such signs by the Department for Transport.

Westminster has stopped clamping and towing away. 

Local authorities nationwide are now enforcing moving traffic offences such as yellow box, ziz-zag lines, no turn and bus lane offences via cameras.

An independent study has concluded that the way that parking wardens currently issue PCNs in the UK is “heavy-handed, unscrupulous and inadequate”. The report by Birmingham University has revealed that in some areas Traffic Wardens work for an average of just 6 months before dismissal or resignation. It also said that the 2 week training that they receive fails to teach them when not to issue penalties.


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