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Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. You were parked on a yellow line (single or double) or in a street where there are temporary waiting restrictions. (Contravention Code 01)

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How to have your penalty charge notice (PCN) for this parking contravention cancelled.

We may be able to assist you in having your penalty charge notice for this contravention cancelled. In order to ensure that you receive the maximum help we have developed an easy to follow 3 stage process.

1st check: Specific grounds for appeal
-This may also include diagrams and pictures showing signage requirements etc.

2nd check: General grounds for appeal

3rd check: Summarised adjudicators decisions

Specific grounds of appeal for this contravention

Signs and lines

This section is very important. We can’t emphasise enough how often the signage is incorrect or indeed there is no signage whatsoever. Road markings can conflict with the signs and quite often the road markings are not clearly visible. If the signs or lines are wrong then you will have grounds to have your parking ticket (penalty charge notice) cancelled.
The rules on signage and lineage on yellow lines are actually quite simple.

Double yellow lines –The double yellow lines must be clear and have a “T” bar at each end so a motorist can clearly see where they start and end. Unless otherwise indicated by signs double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time. There is no longer any requirement for an enforcing authority to place yellow “at any time” signs adjacent to double yellow lines.

Single yellow lines –The lines must be clear and have “T” bars at the end showing where they start and end.  Also were other road markings visible at the point where you parked for example, were there markings from a previous parking bay visible? Or were the number of road markings confusing? Obviously if there were other markings visible for example a previous parking bay then you should appeal.

There must be clear roadside signage at the point of parking showing the hours that they are operational (enforced). These signs must have the “no waiting” symbol and the times and days of enforcement clearly shown. They must be yellow (not white) and the writing in black. They cannot be enforced 24 hours as then double yellow lines would be required. The signs should be at maximum intervals of 30 metres and on every section of yellow line. If there is a break in the yellow line such as for a parking bay or a driveway then there must be signs on each section of the line.

However there is a dispensation for local authorities not to put signs on single yellow lines where they are located within a compliant controlled parking zone. (CPZ)


Controlled parking zones

You can obtain maps showing the borders of a controlled parking zone from the enforcing authority and often from their websites.

A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) is a designated area (usually a town centre) which has the same enforcement hours on single yellow lines and normally chargeable hours on pay and display bays within the zone. If the hours of enforcement are different on some single yellow lines to the CPZ times then there must be clear roadside signage showing this. However there are strict signage requirements and CPZ signs must be erected at all entry points to the zone and a zone itself should not really be larger than 12 streets. See statutory guidance. Very often the signs are non compliant.


Below we show diagrams of the signs and lines which must be in situ by law and much more information that will help you decide whether to appeal against your penalty charge notice.

We have even summarised adjudicator's decisions where motorists have won. As this site took over a year to develop and cost a small fortune and in order to support our constant campaigning against this usually unfair assault on the motorist we ask for a small contribution to view the rest of this page and the entire site. For details of what we do for the motorist see the section on the home page. Members also have access to our free helpline via email if they have a specific question. This site is the most comprehensive on the web and is constantly updated as rules change and new adjudicator's decisions come to light. We currently receive between 10 - 15,000 new visitors a month. Many thanks.


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