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Traffic signs’ plating and road markings

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Confusing traffic signs

Above: Some signs are so confusing that even the council’s don’t understand them. The above sign is illegal. The section with the orange background is wrong and should read the same hours as the loading section below. Otherwise the sign is telling you to pay and display at a time when it is also telling you that you cannot wait!


Confusing signs - No details for Sunday parking

Watch out for signs like this. They are confusing as it looks like you can park on a Sunday but actually the absence of Mon - Sat on the yellow section means that parking restrictions apply on every day.


Confusing signs

You almost need a degree in traffic management to understand signs like this. Basically what it means is that:
1.)  Between 7pm and 7am you can park and load for free.
2.)  Between 7am and 10 am and 4pm and 7pm you cannot park (wait) or load even if you pay.
3.) Between 10am and 4 pm you can park but you must pay and display. You can also load. However you must have vacated the space before 4pm!


Westminster Car Club Parking Bay Signage

The sign on this bay in Westminster says you can pay and display but the road marking says car club vehicles only!


One of the main complaints that we receive is that of incorrect missing or indeed inadequate signage. The government has recognised this too.  Many appeals are won on the basis of incorrect markings or signage.  Quite simply restrictions are legally unenforceable if the signs  are missing, incorrect, wrongly orientated obscured or not on both sides of the road. Likewise missing, faded or incorrect road markings make restrictions unenforceable.

Details of the signs and lines required for all contraventions are set out on the individual pages for each contravention. 

The statutory guidance issued to all local authorities by the department of transport in March 2008 states:-

Clause 2.12:

“The restrictions need to be made clear to motorists through appropriate and legal traffic signs and road markings.”

“A flawed or inadequately signed order may be unenforceable and can significantly damage both the aims of enforcement and the public perception of its management."


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